CloudCanards is an action rpg about pulling off zany raids with your badass guild. Explore the world of Nebulia as you bicker with thousands of other guild members to reach the top of the Exp leaderboards. Stand up as a leader and direct your once amazing guild Twilight Marauders™ back out of its midlife crisis. Do you have what it takes to come out a nimble, badass, charismatic billower?


The idea of a wily girl who wants to soar through the clouds has been around since 2017, and now, we want to share it with the world. Think of it as a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy.


  • A comedic story with a memorable cast
  • Pseudo-3D exploration system that allows traversal to the background, the foreground, or anywhere in between
  • A radical combat system that requires skillful balance between sword swings and grapple maneuvers
  • A skypunk oriental world shrouded with mysteries and rumors/canards
  • A crazy wily main character who wears a remarkable amount of blue
  • Dialogue for days
  • Best guild-buddies as part of the Twilight Marauders
  • Nimbus magic and Metroidvania powers


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Awards & Recognition

  • "2019 Digital Diversity Day Finalist"
  • "2019 UT MADcon Project Showcase Selection"
  • "2019 UT GDC^2 Showcase Selection"
  • "2018 UT MAD x Google Hackoween Demo Selection"
  • "DreamHack Austin 2018 Student Game Showcase Official Selection"
  • "2018 UT Side Project Expo Selection"

Selected Articles

  • We don't have any articles here, but I wanted to say that there's no space between Cloud and Canards.
    Gahwon Lee, CloudCanards
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About CloudCanards

We are mostly students in the University of Texas at Austin, and we work on development bit by bit to relax and to have fun. CloudCanards is our first commercial project.
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CloudCanards Credits

Gahwon Lee
Programmer, Composer, Game Designer, Project Manager
Amit Sahoo
Writer, Game Designer
Rahul Pentaparthi
Programmer, Game Designer
Jimmy Liu
Valeria Trevino
Matthew Maxwell
Audio Engineer
Nathan Dias
Programmer, DevOps Engineer
Additional help from
Amani Duncker, Thaazius, Tiger Zhang, Matthew Zhao