Upcoming Action RPG about leading a guild

Soar through the clouds with
Yanna and the Twilight Marauders™

CloudCanards is an action RPG that follows the story of Yanna after she is tasked with leading the once notorious guild, Twilight Marauders™.

Now, she has to clash swords against rival guilds and claw up to the top of the Exp leaderboards, where the big names announce their fame across all corners of the floating isles!

With her high-speed grappling skills, she is determined to chase against the shrouded truth behind her beloved guild's downfall.

†Note: Exp stands for Exposure

Explore the Floating Isles

Uncover rumors around this 3D open world as you travel to the foreground, or the background, or anywhere in between.

Combo your Sword Strokes

Swing your sword by swinging the joystick. Take part in high-speed grappling-driven swordfights. Git gud!

Lead your Guild Members

Take on the leadership of the once legendary Twilight Marauders™, and pull off zany raids to make fun of other guilds.

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“There's no space between Cloud and Canards”

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